How to build SEO backlinks to your website without guest posting

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I always had a dream in my mind that if I can discover an effective and legitimate way to build SEO backlinks in my niche, I will share that finding with everyone who visits my blog.

And now I have something very good to tell you.

So please read this article carefully.

From the first moment, when we have to deal with SEO, one potential and extremely essential requirement are always there to improve the SEO quality. And most of you are pretty sure about that it’s about link building.

I call it SEO backlinks.

Still confused?

Let’s discuss this in brief. In terms of search engine optimization, SEO backlinks are the quality backlinks that linked to your website from another site using your focus keyword phrase and also appears on the website that has similar contents or same theme as yours.

Why are they so important to your website?

This is simple. The number of backlinks a website has is a great indicator of its popularity and importance for the reader as it recognized by the search engine. It is easy to get a higher ranking on the search engine with the help of these loyal and stunning backlinks.

But, hey! Building links to your website is not a cup of tea. Yet, once you able to do that or master it, that will be the most powerful internet marketing skill you will ever acquire.

Practice regularly and when you master it, an endless line of people will be following you, paying you for that skill, even some will ask you for links from your article. Just because you know something unique that they are still trying and finding so hard.

(But only if you don’t just use them to benefit yourself)

Again, some Kind of people are there who knows how to build these kinds of links, may grab your email address and start sending daily emails offering a link building service what they say “really works”. Honestly, I don’t like to open those emails. Not because there are not any good SEO link builder out there but the reason is that there are a few people who focus on building a legit link as a service. And if I make any single mistake and pick up the wrong one who just don’t take care about the quality of link then I will be busy for a year following their ways and get a big zero as result.

So, basically, I like to search, integrate and practice legit backlink building idea by myself.

It allows me to say one thing,

[bctt tweet=”If you need an amazing link that helps a site to rank, you’ll probably have to explore how to build them yourself.” username=”rupam2234″]

A few companies are out there that I’m aware of, provides truly legitimate backlinks. But they are going to charge you as much money as they want for their service. ( Even if they are free enough to do the work and even not having a lot of customers waiting for them)

So it would be a wrong thing if I say that you should spend some money and get some incredible SEO backlinks. ( believing that you are publishing your blog or website to earn some Money).

This is a very bad news that you have to pay a big amount of money to get those incredible links. Anyway, there is still a great chance for you to go solo.


The good news is that you can learn how to do that yourself. You can build links that work better than any other link building company or person will ever create for you.

Sounds pretty good! Now you can close the other tabs of your browser and keep your focus on this one.

You are going to learn how to build legit SEO backlinks without any guest posting and automated outreach.


Step 1

Create a list of fifty different websites from where you would love to get a backlink. These websites can be anything like a blog,  e-commerce website, software store, image store. I don’t know whatever you choose but I do care you choose at least fifty sites in your niche. (more is always better, but don’t overload the list)


Oh! Wait. There is a warning for you. Don’t list any website that has spam links. And don’t list any website that doesn’t write regularly.

If you pick up a website that does not write very often and link out very less then you are going to be waiting for long to get a link from them. So prefer not to bring them into your list.

Again the websites that have lots of Spammy links into its surface are really terrific and if you get a backlink from them this will hurt your ranking like a spreadable virus.

Now let’s talk about the importance of why you are creating this list?

When it comes to link building any time we see a website which allows guest posting, we react like this “nice! this website allows me to publish a post. I will get a backlink myself”. That time, your brain lost the mentality to consider a great website that you always dreamed to get a connection from. You are just hungry for links. Not caring where it comes from, how it will affect your website.

But if you create a list and classify the sites, you will get a definite index, a strategy in your mind to generate an incredible link, and most importantly you will save your time and energy rather than posting great contents everywhere on the internet for free.

Isn’t that bad?

Take some time. Search for the relevant and amazing websites. And start listing them. If you’ve already written down your favorites then we are clear to move to the second step.


Second step

When someone gets a message from you their sense push themselves to think about “why this person is massaging me!”

If your email unable to excite him, he will simply close it or delete it. ( I do delete). And one of your 50 massages gone for spam joke.

Think about what you have to do then!

If you want to see an example here it is, let’s say you want a link from rankwordpress. You can directly ask me for a link which I will totally mark as spam. Or you can share some great tips with me or fix any issue I may have you can earn my trust instantly and I will appreciate your help with a sweet backlink.

So which way you would prefer to go?

[bctt tweet=”Link building is more effective by helping each other and creating trust ” username=”rupam2234″]

So you have to bring perfection to the way you are trying to contact him


Just by changing the reason why you are emailing me, you have increased the chance of getting a Backlink. Your task is to find out what kind of problems I might have!

Writing an article? (oops, nope. I know how to do it. ) Think a little bit more. Probably I would like to know about more advanced SEO tips or a wonderful website design without lots of external request to the server to stay away from the slower website.

I don’t care whatever you choose but in your case always try to pick up the best possible one.

One more advantage of this method is that you can solve the why for 50 people quicker than writing 50 guest posts.

Mostly, the email asking for links tends to look a bit of like this,

Email for seo backlinks


It doesn’t look so good for me to get a similar type of emails from people asking backlinks. Anyway, this type of emails makes popular blogger’s(not me though) life so easy as they can ask the sender for some another link from their site or sell their products to them.

Simply my point is that not sending the same type of emails as in the example can help you get a link quicker and stand out from the crowd.

Don’t follow the crowd, be wise and decisive.

Stand out of the crowd

So perfect your “why” inside your email and do something really useful for these 50 websites in the list. You will get an instant good link from them.


Step 3

Perfecting you’rere why is a really great idea. But that only if you have some suitable article as well. If you have to perfect your why, lack of having something that worth sharing will create a problem.


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As your beautiful homepage is not going to be discussed on famous blogging community, your task is to create something very special or write something intelligently informative. For example, there are lots of tutorials available on W3 total cache Cloudflare configuration. But you can always write a unique copy with more creative information than the others.

[bctt tweet=”To pick up limitless links through outreach, you just need one amazing piece of content…on a really generic topic.” username=”Rupam2234″]

There are lots of success stories about how someone creates thousands of link with one unique content. Honestly, it doesn’t work for me ever. Power to you if you can do that.

But there is a simple alternative to this. Pick up a generic topic and write something amazing and really helpful to the people. Take your time for that.

Generic contents are a little boring as they are available everywhere on the internet but whenever you write something more creative and bring a hope into the people’s mind, your article will be shared and discussed by people.  Even the popular figure also. And you will get a decent amount of SEO backlinks from them without doing a lot of work.

To find trending keywords to write generic contents you can use Semrush. Whenever you will search for a keyword Semrush will suggest you top ten articles on google. By looking at them you can easily figure out what sort of ideas you need to bring inside your content to make it unique and more efficient.

Use the search bar below to find your keyword now.

One simple strategy behind this method to get SEO backlinks:

Great content on broad topics fits perfectly into other people’s articles and discussion.

Don’t think I am mad. It just works fine.

For a nice and informative generic topic people will simply share like this: “here is a great information on that <link>”.

The less informative your content is lesser someone will include it as a source.

Find a way to write that kind of contents and share them with people and don’t forget to get some links to them.

There are some more creative way to build links with the help of,

  1. Image
  2. VIdeos
  3. Infographics
  4. And interviews

In the next post, I will share them with you.

So these are the tactics you can use to get links that work for you forever and sometimes which cannot be pursed with money.

And if you are currently not doing something like this, from now you’re going to think about this link building stuff differently.

If you really think, this post is helpful for you, share it with your friends and family and help me reach out to more people so I can share more good things on upcoming days.


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