11+ best free logo maker tools for WordPress

11+ best free logo maker tools for WordPress

Are you thinking about a new start-up for your business? It doesn’t matter it is of small-scale or large. The logo of your business is your identity who you are. Design of logo should be such that it shows your brand’s true value and it also stands for your creativity and skills what you are going to establish.

Designing a logo for small-scale business which has small budgets, they may not have software program or skills to design the logo for their own. But now you have easy and effective options to design a logo for your own business with free logo maker tools.


How to Find & create a nice Logo for your business

Logos are far beyond only a picture or optimized image, and an interesting logo can help separate you from your rivals and convey your image’s message to clients.

It’s a smart thought to look into contenders’ logos to perceive what their website is accustomed to finding in the business and even how people react to it. This will offer critical bits of knowledge that you can utilize when outlining your own project.

However, creating an awesome logo needs some other major components. Don’t think it’s a hard job or something beyond your skills, in fact it can be done by anyone who explore the key areas to build a great looking logo.

By carefully reading this article, you will understand the key points need to know before creating and publishing your great own logo.

How Will You Use the Logo?

You’ll need a couple of essential version of your logo for things like social media, banners, landing pages, and profile images.

1. The default logo in two version: One should be in the black background and another should be in white.

2. An ideal square state of your logo: Some companies just use an icon if their logo is a combination of an image or design, while others move the image around for a different square-shaped version.

There are a couple of more interesting points with regards to how you’ll utilize your logo. Will your logo be imprinted on garments or items? Will it show up in an online interface? You have to make a list of all of the places that your logo will be utilized, including advertising materials and online campaigns, to guarantee the final product is predictable with your requirements.

As the logo is an important part of your business’s identity, we have collected Top 10 free logo maker tools so that you can try and start creating your first own logo.

Here’s the list 11+ free logo maker tools:

Canva: Free Logo Maker Tool

Top 10 free logo maker tools for WordPressCanva is one of the best free logo maker tools. Canva offers both free and paid templets for social media images, business cards, and invitations etc. You can use various type of fonts and typefaces in your designs. You can use free icons, shapes and try different filters in your designs as well as your own images.

You can upload the graphics of your choice or do simply choose design templets from Canvas library with the unique feature of Drag-and-Drop feature. If you want to post your images on social media, it has an amazing feature of resizing the post for various social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest graphic and LinkedIn banner etc.

If you want to make your presentation effective in front of your clients, you can add animator effect in your design which will make your design moving. There is another feature, create custom professional quality graphs and charts by just copy and paste from sheets or by typing labels.

Photo Editing contains lots of effective design feature such as Photo Straightener, Speech bubble maker, Transparency tool, Photo Enhancer, and photo Vignette. This free logo maker has matte finish option in print which gives deluxe texture.

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Free Logo Services: Logo Maker Tool

free-logo-servicesFree logo services stand with thousands of templates to create the design of the logo. You just have to enter your company’s text(category), choose one of the designs for your brand and customize it with editings such as colors and layouts and simply save your files in the cloud for free.

After saving your files, if you want to use that logo for the business card or any banner, flyers etc. you have to pay for it. If you are your logo design on cards or banners then upon purchase you will get ten different logo file formats.  You can also request a special file format for social media.

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Free Logo Design: Logo Creator

free-logo-designFree logo design gives cost-free logo designs just in minutes. You just have to do a few clicks and your logo is ready to use for various applications. Firstly, you have to choose the category for which you are creating the logo about 20 categories are available to use. Choose your templets which matches your brands, customize your design with fonts, color, and shape etc.

After preparing the design, if you are fully satisfied with it then download the design of a logo for 100% free. If you want a high-resolution version of your designs then you have to purchase. Free logo design has also advanced HTML5 logo creator which allows users to use the tools easily with smartphones or tablets.

They also provide the professional designers to design the logo for your business. You have to fill up form for giving an idea what you need. You will have the proposal of designs in just 5 working days and after finalizing the design, you will get the design of logo in PNG, JPG or any other format. If you are using the professional experts then you have to pay $199 to get the design.

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Graphics Spring: Online Logo Maker

graphics-spring-logo-makerGraphics Spring is free software for designing logos. You can choose from a variety of templates available to use by selecting your business category. Pick up any one design for your logo and edit it with ease. You can also add the filter for giving a new touch to your logo. You can also add shapes or symbols in your design.

If you want to download the high-resolution version of the logo to use it in the business card or banners or flyer. You have to purchase it in $19.99 you will get the designs in PNG, JPG or any format. You can also save it for future editing. You can also hire a professional designer like Free Logo Design. For custom logo design services, you have to pay $149.

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Logo Maker: Free Logo Maker

logo-makerLogo Maker is used by 20 Million people from long. It doesn’t only serve as logo maker but also as a guide, how to create and design a logo. You can also download E-book, presentation, and infographic for free. Build your logo and edit it with the help of 10,000 or more icons, download it for free in your account.

You can go for either online logo design tool or graphic design for your logo. If you are using the graphic designer for your logo then it will cost 10x which will be provided to you with a quick browse in template option. They are suggesting to use Online logo design tool for small business owners.

If you want to download your logo in high-resolution version. If you are going for custom logo design option then it is starting from $99 only with various packages.

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UCraft: Free Logo Maker

ucraft-logo-makerIf you are still searching for more, you didn’t find the designs what you wanted then you don’t have to worry. Here you have another amazing option with multiple tasks on one platform. With the help of UCraft, you can easily choose the icon for your design from over a million options. You can easily modify with ease such as font, text, colors, and sizes. Select your desired format in which you want to download your design.

You can use your design or logo anywhere for free. It also serves as a guide by providing blogging so that you can easily read expert advice and make your own marketing strategies to promote your brand.

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Designmantic: Logo Maker

designomatic-logo-makerWell, this is also one of the options you can prefer for your logo design, Business Card and Web design. You can use the graphic design software for free without communicating with professional designers. Numerous templates are available for designing any flyers, social headers etc. Once you found the logo design, you can easily customize it with various editor tools such as fonts, colors shapes, and text etc.

You just have to type the company’s name, choose the category of industry, select your favorite designs. If you like and want to download your design only then you have to pay. If you are paying that means you will get the high-resolution version of your design in the preferred vector-based file for large-scale printing.

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Online Logo Maker: Logo Designer

online-logo-makerOnline logo maker serves fast and easy designing services. This logo designer is another great part of top 10 free logo maker tools for the WordPress site, which is free to use and it also provides Premium packages to download transparent background and vector SVG. You can enjoy the unlimited downloads of your logo designs on your account.

It provides you tons of templates with editing it as per your desires such as large font selection, symbols or upload your own images. You can also save it on your account for future editing. If you are a non-logo designer then don’t worry because it also provides important tutorials and blogs for designing professional logos.

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Shopify: Hatchful Logo Maker

logo-makerCreate your logo perfect logo design with free logo maker tool Shopify. It provides hundreds of templates and edits it in just a few clicks with various free tools. Type your business name, choose one of the icons and edit it with shapes, text, font, and color etc. As soon as you are done with your logo design, get your logo design via Email.

It will charge only for some of the services. For social media, you can also download high-quality images of optimized logo design. It also gives a graphic designer option.

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Logo Type Maker: Logo Design Tool

logo-type-makerLogotype maker is also a free logo maker tools in the list. To get perfect design for your business, it is not necessary to have high budgets and professional graphics skills. If you have a low budget and zero design skills, this option is best to create the best logo for your small start-up.

You can type the company’s name, get the more than 1000 templates with various fonts and edit it with editor tools. You can get vector-based SVG files of design. Unlimited modifications are available. You have to pay for customized logo designs.

Still, if you are confused with existing design then you can also go for logo ideas. There are also premium packages to get a high-resolution version of your design. You just have to pay $24.99 as a one-time payment. For taking an advantage of more features, you can go for premium about of $39.99 as a one-time payment.

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Some more amazing free tools to create your logo instantly:

Cooltext: Free Graphics Generator

Cooltext.com is also one of the easiest free logo maker tools. It is a graphics generator for web pages and effective designs of logos which you can use anywhere with ease in design. You just have to select any text style. Once you finalize the text style, it will ask for few options to create the logo. Firstly, you have to enter your logo text and its size. You can also add symbols to your logo.

It has also other amazing options such as gradients, shadow, and outline color options. At last, they will ask for the file type in which you want to get your logo design through email or HTML or you can simply download the design.

Go To Cooltext


Final words:

These are Top 10 free logo maker tools for WordPress mentioned with effective features. If you are a non-graphic designer then you don’t have to worry about the logo design of your new start-up.

You will easily get the idea from the tutorial and blogs as almost above-mentioned sites are providing blog and tutorial option.


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